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    How secure is information I enter into Tomorrowscope?
  • Your password will be “hashed”, i.e. automatically converted to a coded version in the database which will not reveal, should the database be hacked, your true password.
  • The Tomorrowscope website is secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology provided by Comodo.
  • While the database is likely secure, you are advised not to store actual names or identities of individuals or companies, social security numbers, etc.

    Why aren't the Proposals or Projections printing properly?
  • The current edition is optimized for Google Chrome. The result of printing from other browsers is not guaranteed.

    Can a Tomorrowscope Proposal or Projection be downloaded to an Excel file?
  • The data displayed on the page can be selected (highlighted with mouse or touch), then copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet. It should distribute properly among the columns and rows.
  • HOWEVER only the static numbers will be copied -- none of the formulas will be active. Thus, if a number is changed on the spreadsheet, none of the dependent data will change dynamically.

    How does Proforma calculate a Revenue or Expense Item that does NOT begin or end at the beginning or end of a year?
  • The annual percentage increase or decrease occurs every 12 months, regardless of the month in which the item begins or ends. The increase or decrease does not necessarily occur in the anniversary month of the entire project itself.

    What about a Tomorrowscope app, or mobile version?
  • Maybe. Asset Projection will stack nicely on a narrow mobile device. But Proforma Proposal, because of its wide spreadsheet-like format, will require some rethinking.